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Rent Guarantee

Any landlord who lets a property runs the risk of rent default by the tenant. Even good references cannot predict a tenant falling on hard times and not being able to pay the rent. Recovering rent and gaining possession of your property back can be a costly exercise without any guarantee of success or even repayment. What will you do if your tenant can't pay the rent?

Statistics show that over 33% of landlords have had a problem with rent arrears. Rent Guarantee Insurance can provide you with peace of mind and the full cost is tax deductible against rental income which means you save even more money.

We can offer rent guarantee insurance from as little as £70.00 for 6 months and £110.00 for 12 months.

Talk to Coversure Nottingham and we will be happy to provide a quotation and talk you through the requirements that need to be met in event of a claim.

Key features and benefits of Rent Guarantee Insurance:

• Unlimited Period of Rent Arrears
• All Tenant Types Accepted
• Rent Arrears up to £50,000 per incident
• Legal Expenses up to £50,000 per incident
• 24 Hour Legal Helpline

Terms and conditions apply please contact us for full details.