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Property Owners Insurance

Protecting your property assets

As a commercial or private landlord you're likely to have made a significant property investment, which it makes sense to fully protect. We will advise you on the best type of policy to safeguard not only the buildings themselves, but also to cover intangible risks such as public liability, litigation and terrorism.

Coversure can offer you a wide range of policies to cover buildings and landlord's contents (such as furniture in communal areas) for both commercial and residential premises as well as protecting you against loss of rent income. We can also source cover for virtually all types of tenant, including higher-risk categories.

Property types that we cover include:
- Residential Houses
- Residential Flats
- Blocks of flats
- Commercial Properties with residential accommodation
- Offices
- Industrial units
- Listed buildings
- Weekend / holiday homes
- Unoccupied properties (not derelict buildings)

We can quote for the following tenant types:
- Asylum seekers
- Business tenants
- Letting agencies
- Professional / working tenants
- Owner occupied properties
- Students
- Housing associations and their tenants
- Council tenants (DSS)
- Unemployed tenants
- Multi-tenure properties.

Contact us today to discuss your home owners insurance requirements or to request a quote. At the same time, why not ask us to quote to insure your own home?