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The human face of landlord insurance!

Take the stress out of buying landlord insurance, we can help you get the best policy for your needs

Being a specialist broker we have access to the widest range of policies to suit all your needs from a residential to commercial building to every type of tenant as well as any type of unoccupied property.

As a landlord you want to feel protected, we have every product for your need just click the tab below to see all the protection available.


Property Insurance

As a commercial or private landlord you're likely to have made a significant property investment, which it makes sense to fully protect.

Rent Guarantee

Rent Guarantee Insurance

Recovering rent and gaining possession of your property back can be a costly exercise without any guarantee of success or even repayment.

Legal Expenses

Legal Expenses

Legal Expenses Insurance enables the policyholder to defend their legal rights when they need to, giving them financial peace of mind.

Home Emergency

Home Emergency

Our Home Emergency cover includes Failure of heating to Plumbing emergencies. We ensure to have you covered no matter what.

Multi-Appliance Cover

Multi-Appliance Cover

This is a multi-appliance policy that covers most repair or replacement costs for domestic appliances that suffer breakdown.

Our premium will make you smile, we will find a quote with a price and policy that is acceptable to you, just give us the opportunity to beat your best quote* subject to term and conditions